Conceptual Art Photography


The Doomed Trees (Long-Term Project)

There have been the great amounts of developing going on in cities and countries all over the world. Now, whenever we walk around, we see more buildings than nature and this is highly problematic. Developing cities for progress is important but not if it upsets the balance of nature and off-sets it. Thus, this progress obtained at the expense of the destruction of nature is something I do not condone. Perhaps one day, the nature will fight back on us without any mercy.

Think of the trees as the nature,
and the buildings city planners. 

The Doomed Trees series is currently being exhibiting
in Singapore ACS International School

Urban Blindness (Long-Term Project)

This photo series was inspired by the fast-paced lifestyle in Hong Kong and Singapore. Having often visiting Hong Kong and now living in Singapore, I find myself and many others I observed constantly in this rat race for time.

In an urban society, people seems irremediably addicted to speed. We seem to do everything all at once: we walk, we work, we talk, we drive, we type, we eat, and we drink. There is no doubt that society compels us to move in a fast pace. But are bustling streets and hectic lives all we can have? Photography is not just about beauty but also leads us to contemplate questions: Why are we always running? Why can’t we slow down a little to enjoy the small beauties which we neglect every day? Why do we seem so senseless to true pleasures?

Therefore, my dear friends:
Don’t just touch and go, but to feel and hold.

Imaginary Lands (Long Term Project)

This series is taken in Singapore. These are rocks I shot by the beach. Lands are getting lesser and lesser and city planners are building more and more. Perhaps one day we will lose our view of natural lands and can only recall them by imagination.

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